Riccardo Camera

I am an amateur fish keeper but a professional fish enthusiast. A relative newcomer to the hobby, boasting only a couple of years keeping fish, I am honored to be part of such an impressive team of scientists and hobbyists. I have done my best with the short amount of time that I have been in the hobby, maintaining upwards of 40 aquariums and keeping a wide variety of fish, many of them CARES listed. I am also the founder and spiritual president of the Greater Austin Aquarium Society. As of the penning of this bio we are looking forward to our one-year anniversary.

Conservation and the humane treatment of animals is a growing passion of mine. I hope to contribute in a meaningful way as Editor of the Cares Exchange. I see it as a tool that can help spread awareness and help foster community.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that all of this would be impossible without the support of my loving wife and our four daughters.
Also…”Hi Mom…I’m on the internet!”

We at CARES are thrilled to have Riccardo join us as the Editor of the CARES Exchange!

Location: Austin, Texas
Email: riccardocamera@gmail.com