Chris Biggs

Hailing from the Barren Tundra of the Frozen North that is Rural Manitoba, Canada…

Chris Biggs is a devoted father of four incredible daughters and Court Jester to his lovely and tolerant Queen, Dayna. A lifelong aquarist, his father thrust him into the hobby at a very young age with a small tank they kept in their family den and Chris has never looked back. He is a founding member of the Aquarium Society of Winnipeg, the Canadian Cichlid Association and the Dead Fish Order. He achieved in short order the level of Grand Master for both fish breeding and horticulture. He is a classically trained botanist, armchair ichthyologist and passionate naturalist. Master of much, Chris is well known for his colorful tattoos, outspoken mouth and well-received knowledge on most things aquatic and more. Eager to share and educate, he is a welcome presence nationally and internationally as an educational speaker.

Chris has traveled extensively, collecting, studying and admiring fishes, plants and reptiles in their natural habitats, as well as attending workshops and conventions. He has taken his vast knowledge and experience and applied it to building many dedicated and specialized fishrooms, often referred to as his Lab. They have included fully automated water maintenance systems, pressure chambers, microscopes and dissection tables including his last fishroom which held over 3,800 gallons. His frank bravado and charm, as well as his experience, make him a much sought after judge, speaker and auctioneer at events everywhere.

What great fortune we have in Chris as one of our CARES Speakers!  To arrange a speaking engagement with Chris please email [email protected].