We are so grateful to each and every one of you who have stepped up to donate your time and your fish and your talents and your positivity to make CARES and our outreach projects over the years possible. From CARES for Education to Lake Victoria CARES and to this very website, it is due to your wonderful kindness and immense generosity that is inherent in this great hobby of ours that we have been able to succeed and look towards a bright future for conservation priority fish. CARES has always been about both fish and people. Together, because of you, we are making a difference!

With Warm Wishes,
Your CARES Team

CARES for Education

Rick Coye
Joe Ferdenzi
Rit Forcier
Peter George
Gene Guido
David Hansen
Bob Randall
Greg Steeves
Super Cichlids
Marc Schnell
Dave Schumacher
Super Cichlids
Rusty Wessel
Barbara Wooton

Lake Victoria CARES

Austin Braganza
Michael Hill
Hill Country Cichlid Club
Dwight R. Smith
Hydro Sponge
Ray Lucas


Babes In The Cichlid Hobby
Cichlid Room Companion
Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies


Amazonas Magazine
Cichlid News Magazine
Cichlid Room Companion
Coral Magazine
Reef to Rainforest
Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine