Species Identification and Registration

The proper identification of species is critical to CARES as a viable program for both the hobbyist and conservation priority fishes. With your help and the combined knowledge and expertise of the CARES Team we will ensure that your fish are registered with the correct species identification.

Registration by Hobbyist

Species registration is done by the hobbyist through the CARES website at CARES Species Registration & Photo IDs.


Each species registered requires at least one side view photo that displays the characteristics of the fish that will aid in positive identification. Photos can be taken with your iPhone.

File Name

File name format: species name_your name_CARES club_submission date. For instance: Etroplus canarensis_James Fish_FOTAS_8-10-18.

Photos MUST be of Registration Colony

Photos are not expected to be of high quality, but MUST be of the fish that you are registering. Photos taken in the past or from the Internet do not identify the fish you are keeping and cannot be accepted for registration. Thank you for your wonderful and much appreciated help with taking photos for the registration process!

Email Photo

Email the species photo via the contact form titled CARES Species Registration & Photo IDs here on the CARES website.

Message Box

In the message box please include:
a) your name.
b) your email address.
c) your postal address (optional).
d) your telephone number (optional).
e) species name.
f) where or from whom obtained.
g) collection location, if available.
h) when obtained (approximate date is fine).
i) whether or not the colony has produced fry.
j) your CARES affiliate organization.

One Registration per Email

Register as many species as you would like, but one registration per email please.

Notification to Hobbyist

You will be notified by CARES when your registration is received and a second time when it is approved (or not) for CARES registration.

Notification to Club

CARES will also notify your CARES Club Chair with the approval for registration.

Species Registration

Register your CARES species here: CARES Species Registration & Photo IDs

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to let us know through the contact form titled CARES Species Registration & Photo IDs. Thank you so much for your help and efforts to ensure that your fish are registered with the correct species identification!