Member Club Requirements

In order to maintain CARES Membership, we ask that CARES Member Clubs please follow these few simple steps.

Be an Established Organization

Be an established organization that is willing to carry out and maintain a CARES program.

Assign a CARES Club Liaison

Assign a CARES Club Liaison who is available to serve as a coordinator between your CARES Club Program and the CARES administration.  This CARES Club Liaison must submit a complete listing of participants and species to the CARES administration a minimum of three times annually on April 30, August 30, and January 10.  Also the CARES administration must be notified of a change in contact information for the  CARES Club Liaison.

CARES Priority List

Follow the current CARES Priority List for eligible species.

Strict CARES Species Identification

Strict guidelines are outlined for species identification prior to acceptance into CARES to be verified at any time throughout the registration of the fish.  A photo as described under CARES Species Identification and Registration and person or place from who or where the fish was obtained and any other known history will be submitted with each registration. Registration submissions are made by the hobbyist directly to CARES as described in CARES Species Identification and Registration.

Submit CARES Data

Maintain CARES member and registration records and submit to CARES a minimum of three times a year on April 30, August 30, and January 10.  This data is critical to our long-range goals.

Be Creative! (Optional)

The specifics of your CARES program can be customized to best suit your organization.  CARES offers award, certificate, and participant recognition suggestions and forms under Awards of Recognition and Downloads, but also welcomes you to be creative.  If you create certificates, awards, or other means of recognition that you would like to share, we would love to see them and hear your ideas to share with fellow clubs here on the CARES website!

Be Ambassadors of Conservation

Be ambassadors of promoting the preservation of conservation priority fishes through the aquarium hobby and otherwise.

The CARES Team will continue to strive to bring you the backup support of a large and diverse group of respected aquarists and scientists.  We are constantly molding, refining, and adding to the Program and always welcome your input and ideas.

The CARES Priority List is a massive ongoing project in and of itself. Our hats are off to the CARES Priority List Team for their time and efforts with this.

Thank you so very much for your CARES efforts and dedication to ensuring a positive future for conservation priority fish! Please remember that we are here for you!

With Warm Wishes,
The CARES Team
One person cannot save them all, but we can each save at least one.
Together, we can and we are making a difference!