CARES Speakers

A heartfelt thank you to our CARES Speakers who dedicate their time and talents to educating and spreading conservation awareness!

CARES is proud to present the following group of extraordinary speakers. This list is a representation of years of experience and a wealth of knowledge with unique insight on a wide range of subjects from cichlids to rainbowfish and all fish in between, conservation efforts in the tanks of hobbyists as well as in nature, and how to run a CARES program in your home club.

Please note that the host club is responsible for making arrangements directly with the speaker and paying for or reimbursing them for travel, accommodations and meals. Most speakers will gladly stay at a club member’s home, if that is an option. A polite gesture of $100 stipend is suggested, but that is at your club’s discretion. When possible, two or more clubs will go in together to host a speaker which is a great help to offset the costs.

Best wishes to all and enjoy your aquarium society evening with CARES!!!

Joel Antkowiak
Juan Miguel Artigas Azas
Chris Biggs
Ken Boorman
Pam Chin
Jim Cumming
Leslie Dick
Mike Hellweg
Lawrence Kent
Anton Lamboj, Ph.D.
Paul V. Loiselle, Ph.D.
Ed Moats
Greg Steeves
Klaus Steinhaus
Michi Tobler