Lawrence Kent

Lawrence KentLawrence Kent works for a charitable foundation supporting projects fighting hunger and poverty in the developing world. He is based in Seattle but travels frequently for his job to Africa and Asia. Lawrence takes advantage of his travels to look for interesting tropical fish in places as diverse as Cambodia, Columbia, and Uganda. At home, he keeps 25 aquaria, many stocked with wild-caught cichlids and anabantids. He has made presentations on collecting tropical fish to clubs in over a dozen cities in North America, Germany, and Nigeria. A frequent contributor to Tropical Fish Hobbyist and Cichlid News, Lawrence is fascinated by all types of fish, birds, and reptiles, and the challenge of correctly identifying and breeding them.

What great fortune the hobby has in Lawrence with his amazing photos from across the globe and his wonderfully infectious enthusiasm for life and all that he does and sharing his knowledge and experiences with others! Many thanks Lawrence for all that you do!