CARES Priority List

Due to the detailed issues involved in maintaining this list, such as constant additions (and on occasion the most hoped for removal) of species and revisions in nomenclature and classification of risk, it is a perpetual work in progress. Together, let’s bring a positive future for these fish and reverse the growth of this list!

Adrianichthyidae — Ricefishes.
Anabantidae — Climbing gouramies.
Aplocheilidae — Killifishes.
Bedotiidae — Madagascan rainbowfish.
Characidae — Tetras.
Cichlidae – Cichlids.
Cobitidae – True loaches.
Cyprinidae — Minnows & Carps.
Cyprinodontidae — Pupfishes.
Gobiidae — Gobies.
Goodeidae — Splitfins.
Loricariidae — Armoured catfish.
Melanotaeniidae — Rainbowfish.
Mochokidae — Squeakers.
Nothobranchiidae — Toothcarps.
Poeciliidae — Livebearers.
Pseudomugilidae — Blue eyes.
Rivulidae — Rivulus.
Valenciidae — Valencias.

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A CARES note:

Before you embark on the CARES Preservation Program, as responsible aquarists it is essential that you familiarize yourself with U.S. federal and state wildlife laws or those of your country of residence.

The CARES Preservation Program strives to recognize only those fish that are within the bounds of domestic laws.