Greg Steeves

A lifelong aquarist, Greg’s involvement in conservation intensified when he learned of the ecological conditions in Lake Victoria. The threats to this great African lake such as pollution, invasive species, deforestation, and overfishing are paralleled in aquatic habitats everywhere. Greg’s involvement with CARES has allowed him a platform to spread the conservation message far and wide.

Although Greg’s primary concerns are the haplochromine cichlids of Africa, he also has interest in all other naturally occurring fish. He is not a fan of hybrid fishes and is actively involved in demonstrating their harm to the long-term keeping of naturally occurring species to anyone that will listen.

Greg has been involved with a CARES program at the Mountain Valley Middle School in Texas, an educational species survival plan administered by middle school students. Within CARES, Greg is the Regional Coordinator of Lake Victoria fishes. Greg has authored three books dealing with haplochromine cichlids and regularly contributes to Cichlid News magazine. As one of the founding members of the Hill Country Cichlid Club, he still maintains an active presence within that organization. Greg was President of the Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies, a role he held for five consecutive terms. He has always enjoyed traveling to aquarium clubs and conventions and for years was a coveted speaker on several topics including native Texas Fishes of the Guadeloupe River System, Haplochromine Cichlids, Lake Victoria, and of course, the CARES Preservation Program.

A dedicated conservationist and knowledgeable aquarist, Greg imparts his experience and wisdom with a kind nature that is touched with his own special personable humor and charm. Greg, thank you so much for your treasured friendship and all that you bring to the hobby, to CARES, and to conservation priority fishes!