Ed Moats

Born and raised in southwestern Pennsylvania, Ed has over 45 years of experience in the aquarium hobby. He was first introduced to aquarium fish by his mother when he was four years old. The aquariums in their home consisted of various species of tetras and livebearing fish. This experience ignited a passion that continues today.

Ed is an active member of the Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society where he has been presented with multiple honors in the Breeders Award Program. He also serves as the Chair to the Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society’s chapter of CARES. As a contributing writer for PetConnections Magazine, Ed shares his knowledge of aquatic life and companion birds in the hope that the community may have a better understanding of maintaining these animals.

With over 100 aquariums in his fish room, Ed breeds and maintains 30 different species of threatened or critically endangered fish with a strong focus on goodeids. His goal is to maintain bloodlines of these fishes in the name of conservation to serve as a genetic resource bank for threatened species so that they may have the opportunity for reintroduction back into the wild, but also for future generations of hobbyists to experience the fulfillment of maintaining obscure and threatened fishes.

We are so grateful to have Ed on the CARES Team as CARES Member Club Coordinator and as a CARES Speaker! If you would like to contact Ed, please email [email protected].