Michael Tobler, Ph.D.

Ever since childhood, Michi has had a weird obsession with fish and other animals that live in water. Studying biology and becoming a scientist has allowed him to make his passion a profession. Today, Michi is a Professor of Biology at the University of Missouri—St. Louis (UMSL) and a Senior Scientist at the WildCare Institute of the Saint Louis Zoo. He primarily studies the ecology and evolution of fish species in Latin America, with an emphasis on the livebearers of the family Poeciliidae.

As part of his work, Michi conducts fieldwork all over the Neotropics to observe and collect fish in their natural environments. In addition, he studies the genetics, physiology and behavior of fish in his laboratory at UMSL, where he also oversees a fish facility with over 400 aquaria. And yes, he still keeps fish tanks at home, too.

We are so fortunate to have Michi on the CARES Team as CARES Priority List Group Coordinator of the family Poeciliidae and South America Regional Coordinator, as well as a CARES speaker. What a wonderful opportunity for CARES Member Clubs to have Michi spend an evening with you and share his extensive knowledge and conservation awareness!
You can contact Michi to set up a date by emailing [email protected].

Presentation topics include:
• Diversity of livebearing fishes (Poeciliidae) (combination of field observations and aquarium maintenance; novice to advanced fish keepers).
• Collecting fish in Latin America (travel talk that can have emphases on different regions and fish groups; novice to advanced fish keepers).
• Conservation challenges for livebearers and other aquarium fishes (includes some basic evolutionary and conservation biology; advanced fish keepers).
• Fish nutrition in nature and the aquarium (includes some basic nutritional physiology and lots of practical tips; novice to advanced fish keepers).